Azarenka Lying on the Ground

Friday, September 3, 2010

The 10th seed Victoria Azarenka, lying on the ground because the weather is hot in the arena of the United States Open on Wednesday (2 / 9). Azarenka fell while playing in the second half against Gisela Dulko, the score of 1-5, 15-30 and received medical treatment and transported to a wheelchair.

Belarusian tennis player continues to struggle in the home game in the third game despite the coach called him. He received treatment for hand injuries and was also felt her vision blur.

He collapsed on the field after doing a service and subsequently received treatment
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Franco Mexican Pension Bela

Mexico striker Guillermo Franco decided to retire from international football. Argentine-born players did not have a club since leaving West Ham United, May.
Franco was born in Argentina is currently 33 years old. He defended El Tri at the World Cup in 2006 and 2010 after pocketing Mexican citizens. According to him, is the perfect time for him retire to give others a chance to younger attackers.
"I consider that my career in the national team was on deadline. It can not be separated from consideration of the many young attacker with a good quality ready to fill the position, "the light on for Villarreal's former handyman. One of the young striker a disturbing place that is Javier Hernandez.
Franco was the last time when Mexico defeated Argentina's defending in the last 16 of PD 2010 in South Africa, last June. That party's 25th Franco on stage interstate. After retiring from the national team, where Franco was seriously considering a club that will strengthen
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Trigol Defoe, England

The first step in qualifying for the Euro 2012 England passed with impressive results. Marked Jermain Defoe hat-trick, "Three Lions" pounce on the collapse of Bulgaria 4-0 at Wembley Stadium, London, Friday (3 / 9) or Saturday morning GMT.

Fabio Capello could smile with impressive results in the opening party of the Group G qualifier to qualify for the finals in Poland-Ukraine. One additional goal that could reduce the pressure on the shoulders of Adam Johnson dilesakkan Capello.

British confidence fueled fast thanks to a goal when Defoe's first-half runs of three minutes. Wayne Rooney scored a goal that does not play nicely with the bait-bait that pamper Defoe. Including the contribution on the first goal when Ashley Cole sent a feed to which the sniper mengumpannya to Defoe.

Joe Hart also gave good wishes. Calm appearance Glen Johnson scored prevent suicide. Having failed to add goals to halftime, the British public cheered excitedly back at minute 61. Rooney breakthrough bait from a horizontal kick counterattack Defoe completed the sidelines of feet past the keeper Nikolay Mihailov. England winning 2-0.

Hart returned to action as you hold the shot Dimitar Rangelov with one hand. On 83 minutes Adam Johnson scored his first goal at senior level international level. Adam Johnson's left-foot shots to fool Mihaylov. Entering the 86th minute to complete a hat-trick Defoe who once again thanks to Rooney's assists.
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Early Sweet Prandelli

Debut of the Italian national team coach Cesare Prandelli was passed with a victory. Visit to the Stadium A. Le Coq Arena, Talinn, the prime qualifying Group C match of Euro 2012, GLI Azzurri host bend with the score 2-1, Friday (3 / 9) or Saturday morning GMT.

Italy competed for the first time after drowning in the 2010 World Cup Sergei Zenjov surprised by the goals in the 29th minute. Disadvantaged first make GLI Azzurri are not able to develop his game. But an injection of morale and turnover of players coach Cesare Prandelli performed in the second half to give the changes for Italy.

59 minute or a minute after replacing Fabio Simone Pepe Qualiarella enter, Italy equalizer. Antonio Cassano is a change score re-equilibration. Goal that catapulted the confidence of Italy. Interval of three minutes or 62 minutes, Italy led 2-1 through Leonardo Bonucci through horizontal shots. 2-1 score stood until the fight is over
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Arshavin Losing Kilau

Andrey Arshavin claims, loss of sheen that makes Arsenal poured willing to fund 19 million pounds. Arshavin was transferred from the Russian club, Zenit St Petersburg, 19 months ago.

Russian national team star was initially polished with menceatak four goals against Liverpool at Anfield. But then her appearance is no longer consistent and often injury plagued. So even this season, despite scoring two goals the game was not too enthralled to the Gunners.

Arshavin admitted the game had changed since migrated to the UK. "I became more calm, professional and like to spend time with family. Even though the play. I became more effective but not spectacular, "he admits. "I do not remember the last scored a goal with a beautiful view."

Arshavin frustrated and try to analyze what happened. But he did not find an answer. According to him, an injury he suffered late last year also affected. In the three month period of his absence.

Still remains Arshavin crowned as the best footballer for the month of August by Russian journalists in the country. And the title makes surprise. "I scored two goals in three games, but that's not enough to reach the monthly title," added the player who shines brightly in Euro 2008 is
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"Wait a month Torres Again" Liverpool

Fernando Torres injury is often wrapped in a year. Until the first four months of this year alone Torres shall undergo two operations to cure a knee injury. Not to mention the thigh injury he suffered while strengthening the Spanish in the World Cup final, last June.

So, do not expect Torres can directly display the best performance. Although the time against West Brom, El Nino scored one goal and played until the 89th minute, his physical condition had fully recovered, as submitted by the head of science Liverpool Peter Brukner, Friday (3 / 9).

According to Brukner, Torres healing faster than expected. It was pointed out of his appearance when coming off the bench in the party offering the Premier League against Arsenal. From there the number of minutes of the game continues to grow.

"Physical has not reached the peak condition. takes about a month to get there, but I think their performance continues to progress, "says Brukner. "It will not be long before we can watch old Torres and I waited for those moments.
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Leeches, Attendant god Saha

 Throughout his career on the gridiron, often plagued Louis Saha injury to the knee. Pain is felt especially when defending Saha Manchester United for four and a half seasons, from 2004 to 2008. That is why, in the summer transfer market in 2008, Sir Alex Ferguson was forced to dump half Saha to Everton. At Goodison Park, Saha tied to specific contract for two seasons, paid per game.

Not blue, Saha luck with The Toffees changed. The proof, besides being a player trust David Moyes, after several years is now marginalized Saha had another chance to strengthen the French national team in Euro 2012 qualifying match inaugural Group D against Belarus at the Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Friday (3 / 9) night local time Saturday (4 / 9) pm dawn.

Apparently, Saha began to fit physical condition. His knees began to improve. Calibaration have calibaration, "miracle" that occurred at the knee caused by treatment Saha ancient Egyptian style that has been aged 5000 years, ie by using leeches. Antique medical therapy was carried out Saha at the birth of her grandmother's village in Guadeloupe Islands.

"I visited my grandparents who live in Guadeloupe. Then, there, I put some leeches on my knee that often swells. Miraculously, the pain and swelling began to diminish. And, now I think my knee condition has improved, "said Saha.

After scoring just six goals from 24 appearances in the Premier League in season 2008-09, a year later Saha able to notch 13 goals from 33 Premier League party. On the sidelines of its action at Goodison Park fee that is satisfactory, in February, Saha signed a new contract for two seasons or until the end of the 2011-2012 season.
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